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All living things is the world are related to "Anion". Anion is formed naturally in the environment. When an atom or molecule in the air gains an extra electron caused by ultraviolet rays, radiation or lighting, the atom or molecule has become negatively charge, it is called as "Anion"



Anion is colourless, odourless and due to its negative charges, anion has a strong tendency to attract positively charged particles in the air like bacteria. Anion have significant effects on our health by neutralizing positively charged bacteria, rendering them harmless to our health.

In recent years, Anions play a big part in the wellness and healthcare industry, after years of research, Winalite International has invented Love Moon, then Winion (second generation of Love Moon), a high technology sanitary napkin that transformed an ordinary product into a healthcare sanitary napkin.

Benefits Of Anion in WinIon


Benefits Of Anion in WinIon


  1. Antibacterial
  2. Enhance Hormonal Balance
  3. Treat Inflammation
  4. Eradicate Odour
  5. Strengthen Immunity
  6. Improve Metabolism
  7. Reduce Stress
  8. Remove Fatigue

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