Winalite WinIon Sanitary Napkin / Pad


WinIon Sanitary Napkin / Pad


Winalite WinIon Sanitary Napkin (Pad) is the second generation of sanitary pads with anions (negative ion) launched in 2013. WinIon Sanitary Napkin (Pad) is an enhance version from Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin.



WinIon has the characteristics of extra powerful absorption and enhanced air ventilation to keep it dry. The high-tech "anion strip" embedded within every single of sanitary napkin is the most important features our sanitary pads. The "anion strip" in WinIon can emit high density of anions with anti-bacterial and deodorization functions, this will give a positive effects for woman's health. The extra powerful absorption layer can allow the liquid absorbed to coagulate immediately to prevent back flow and over flow to make possible free and comfortable movements during menstruation.

WinIon cares for the women especially during their menstrual cycle. With its 7 layers of protection and the power of "anion strip", our Sanitary Napkin offer breathable, and dry with superior comfort during menstruation. WinIon Sanitary Napkin is developed with the highest / international manufacturing standards and quality control. WinIon is using international standard of hygienic testing to ensure every sanitary pad is hypo-allergenic. Every piece of sanitary pad is machine packed and sealed. Our production line of sanitary napkin has never been touched by human hands. This hands-free process enhances safety and sanitation of our product.

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